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It is a bedrock principle of our firm that the long range goals of our clients need to always be first and foremost in our minds.  We understand that our clients have a lot of choices when it comes to serving their legal needs.  Thus, we distinguish ourselves by taking time during the beginning of an engagement to get to know our clients and understand their unique needs.  We recognize the importance of having a relationship built on trust and honesty as clients provide us with highly confidential and personal information – from business strategies to family dynamics. 

Only once we garner a better understanding of our clients, we develop a cost-efficient strategy narrowly tailored to achieving these objectives.  As we delve into the work of drafting documents, we stay in consistent contact with the client to assure that we stay on task and up to date with any changes that may affect their legal needs.  It is through this personal approach and communications that our clients quickly develop trust in us. 

Sometimes our representation is limited to one matter, but on many occasions the trust that we have garnered leads to continued representation spanning several projects over a matter of years.  Either way, the client is treated with the utmost respect and attention.

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Partner Bio's

Jeb Singer, Esq.

University of Michigan

Jeb Singer is a well-regarded business attorney in Manhattan with a specialization in bankruptcy law.  He’s been practicing for over ten (10) years.  Jeb is a cum laude graduate of Brooklyn Law School, Associate Managing Editor of the Brooklyn Journal of Corporate Financial and Commercial Law and recipient of several other awards.  He is a graduate of the University of Michigan.  Jeb regularly counsels small and medium-businesses on everything from entity selection and formation, to day-to-day business issues to sales or mergers of the businesses.  


Jeb regularly counsels individuals and entities on debt restructuring matters including representing corporate and individual debtors in bankruptcy (in Chapters 11, 7 and 13).  He began his career as a Federal Law Clerk for (then Chief) Judge Bernstein in the Southern District of New York Bankruptcy Court.  He then practiced as a corporate restructuring attorney in one of the nation’s leading bankruptcy practice groups at an international firm before joining a boutique firm.  A few years ago, he authored a book chapter on examiners in corporate bankruptcy cases.  He has been involved in commercial bankruptcy cases across many different industries including (without limitations) real estate investment and development, restaurants, hospitality, education, apparel, financial services, technology, e-commerce, publishing, professional services, oil and gas, casinos, materials and others.


A die-hard fitness enthusiast, Jeb is also the co-founder of FICS NYC, a new fitness recovery and wellness studio in the heart of Chelsea in Manhattan (www.ficsnyc.com).  In his spare time, when not training for, or competing in, marathons or triathlons or traveling the world, Jeb is busy spending time with his wife and two young children.

E. Alan Rubenstein, Esq.

New York University

For almost 20 years, since graduating from the prestigious Tax L.L.M. program at New York University, Alan Rubenstein has amassed a wide range of experience primarily representing clients in taxation and asset protection planning matter.  Alan leads the Firm’s tax and asset protection practices.



Alan’s tax practice includes advising businesses, from start-ups to middle market companies with revenues in excess of tens of millions of dollars, on

  • corporate taxation,

  • taxation considerations of commercial transactions such as financings, mergers, asset sales and stock sales,

  • business succession planning,

  • employees and executive compensation

Alan regularly advises real estate developers and investors on tax structuring and “like-kind exchanges.” He also regularly represents individuals in audits and other matters before the IRS and U.S. Tax Court.

Alan’s asset protection practice includes a full range of asset protection and wealth preservation and transfer services.  He regularly advise entrepreneurs, business executives, professionals, families and individuals and with a wide range of assets.  He utilizes the most efficient estate planning techniques, taking into account the client’s needs while minimizing the exposure to transfer tax penalties.  He also assists in the orderly transfer of wealth during our clients’ lifetimes and upon death. In so doing, he takes advantage of a variety of strategies available to reduce the estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer tax costs.  These efforts ideally lead to maximizing the benefits received by the beneficiaries.

Alan has developed curriculum for, and taught, various CLE Courses on topics including 1031 exchanges and entity taxation.

Our Core Practice Areas


Personal Bankruptcy – Chapter 7 and 13


Chapter 7 bankruptcy is for individuals whose debts exceed their abilities to repay.  Generally this is because they have limited disposable income.  In most cases the debt is “consumer” debt meaning credit card debt, large medical bills or personal loans.  In other cases, the debts may be “non-consumer” debt arising from personal guarantees on business loans. The end result is a bankruptcy discharge of qualifying debt.  At the end of the process, Chapter 7 debtors obtain a “fresh start.”


Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for individuals who have income and could manage their debt if they had a payment plan.  The reason for the filing is because they could not service their debt as it came due and therefore fell behind.  Ultimately the bankruptcy plan will enable them to catch up on payments and pay off delinquent liabilities thereby improving their overall financial well-being. 

Corporate/Business Bankruptcy – Chapters 11 and 7

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is for businesses to either reorganize or liquidate their assets in order to repay debt. Most of the time, a Chapter 11 filing results in a reorganization. One of the advantages of filing a Chapter 11 petition is that Debtors can choose to cancel unfavorable contracts such as onerous leases or management agreements.  Debtors have the exclusive right to propose plans of reorganization for a limited time after which creditors may do so.  In order to make the plan effective, a statutorily prescribed percentage of the creditors have to vote to approve the plan. Businesses may also file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, but the end result is the dissolution of the entity instead of reorganization.


Individuals can file under Chapter 11, but since this chapter is more complicated and generally costly, most opt for a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy.

General Differences Between Business and Personal Bankruptcy

One of the big differences between personal and business bankruptcy is the means test. If an individual’s debt is “consumer” debt, they have to participate in this test to determine if they are eligible for a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13, while businesses do not have to prove this for a Chapter 11 or 7 filing.


As litigators, we represent clients in federal, bankruptcy and state court proceedings at both the trial and appellate levels, as well as in alternative dispute resolutions (arbitration or mediation). Our clients include corporations, entrepreneurs and individuals.  Among the matters we litigate are cases arising out of debtor-creditor relationships, commercial tort, fraud and contract actions.


We tenaciously pursue remedies for our clients and tirelessly defend claims against our clients. But we also understand that litigation arises within a business context. Our attorneys have the experience and business acumen to analyze sophisticated transactions or business disputes and devise strategies that maximize benefits and minimize exposure for our clients.


We are proud of the many important, precedent-setting successes we have achieved for our clients over the years. And we are equally proud to have helped many clients to avoid protracted litigation through appropriate counseling, sound advice and negotiation.


We are experienced in handling a wide spectrum of disputes, including, among other areas:

Business Dissolutions

When business relationships such as joint ventures or corporations face disputes or dissolution, individuals and corporations need representation to protect their interests in the existing business and to go on to establish new ventures. The firm has successfully represented parties involved in business relationship disputes in the courts as well as reaching negotiated settlements so as to avoid the need for litigation.

General Commercial and Corporate Matters

We represent shareholders and partners in all types of disputes and litigation, including:

corporate and partnership law; officer and director liability and shareholder derivative actions

Real Estate Litigation

We understand the steps necessary to successfully litigate real estate matters, and are able to avoid pitfalls that may prevent a party enmeshed in a real estate dispute from successfully protecting its position or pursuing remedies. 


As tax lawyers, we provide comprehensive tax advice and representation to a broad spectrum of domestic and international clients.

In every case, our goal is to achieve the optimal tax treatment consistent with our clients' business and personal objectives. We make it a priority to keep abreast of changes in this continually evolving field

General Corporate and Business Law

  • Counseling clients on entity selection, with an eye toward limiting tax costs, achieving civil liability insulation, and preserving tax attributes.

  • Advising clients on the use of family limited partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs) and other estate and succession planning vehicles for business interests and real property.

  • Structuring business and investment transactions to maximize tax efficiencies.

  • Negotiating and drafting agreements with tax implications, including shareholder agreements for C corporations and S corporations and indemnification agreements.

  • Negotiating and structuring partnerships and LLCs, including preparing allocation, distribution, liquidation and other provisions.


Client Testimonials


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


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